3 Comments on “Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You”

  1. Jim
    Ricky, do you give one on one counseling/? I thought I had a shot when My ex finacee called me last week and was very friendly but short. I then sent her a video of my bedroom that I redid (This was something that she wanted to me to do). She said that I am glad that you are making some positive changes. BUt then the conversation shifted. Where did you get that bedspread? Did some girl pick it out? And then she said I put 2 thousand dollars into that house thinking that we were going to get married and you caused the demise of the relationship. Actually she caused the demise of the relatiobship and she broke up with me. I told her nicely that I spent 30 thousand dollars on her. She did not want to hear it and she said that until I remiburse her for the money she will not talk to me. She tehn blocked my test messages. Every girl I talk to says that she is crazy. What do I do? I feel bad for her and bad for me. This is a relationship that should have not broken up. What do I do?
  2. Julian
    Hi Ricky. So myex and I have seen eachother a handful of times in the three months we've been broken up. She has a new boyfriend and at first she went out of her way to let me know she was happy and so on. Well one time while hanging out she kept me there talking for almost two hours, she maintained eye contact, expressed regret over a few things that led to our breakup and admitted she has days when she "really misses me" well at the end of the night we had a period where we just stared into eachothers eyes, she bit her lower lip and we had a big strong hug, so I went in for the kiss, she turned her head but didn't move away and didn't get mad or awkward. A few weeks later we saw eachother again and once again she kept talking when I would try to leave and got very nostalgic a few times and brought up old memories. I joked that she didn't have to try to make me feel better by saying she missed me and she got very stern and serious and told me it wasn't something to joke about because it's true. It feels like her signals change more than the direction of the wind, do you have any insights that you can glean from what I've described?
  3. Julian
    I should have clarified further, she now goes out of her way to avoid any discussion involving her boyfriend or even the use of his name, her kids have said his name and she gets very uptight when they do.

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