One Comment on “7 Ways To Prevent Future Breakups”

  1. edward
    im unhappily married for 22 years i recenty had a affair with my boss jodi i worked on her delivery truck and stayed with her 6 of 7 days of the week we started off sending i love you textes and making love 2- 3 times a day i was endlessly in love with jodi then her dad was in critical condition in the hospital she let him stay for 3 months she had let her mother stay most of her 15 year marriage then one son moved out 23years old and another moved in without a job she has a 13year old boy that she pays to send to christion school with her 15 year old daughter that talks like shes a black getto home girl she said to me several times whats up my nigger jodies exhusband came over day and night with out calling or knocking he even spent the night before thanksgiving and 3 nights jodi and her daughter and ex husband and his friend went shopping for groceries for the thanks giving dinner i went into the kitchen while he was in there and no attention was paid to me by anyone i just gave up and put my arm around her and said i dont feel welcome anymore and left she hired annother guy to help on her delivery truck now she will not return my textes she would always have a melt down knowing that im leaving for twelve hours to return to work hard for her what is your advice to get her back her dad her sons all left and called her a whore as they left she said her ex might have to move in temperary while his lease runs out he and jodies daughter will move to florida in the spring i told her this is not a good idea for our realationship can you give me hope eddie

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