One Comment on “Do Those “Magic Spells” Actually Work?”

  1. philip beirne
    hey ricky, a girl and myself we broke up two weeks ago, . their has been no contact except her mother which allows me to see my 2.5 year old son. she is 24 I'm 43 and involved since she was 20. i know the age thing etc but i have strong feelings for her but she says the closeness is gone etc plus feelings lowered. i,m sad as i would love her back but in my head i,m been mature and letting her decide what to do next. the mother is telling her and me it will never work. but we were never left alone. i,m doing all the correct things like not texting ,calling up , hassling her or causing arguments etc. she really loved me before really but since the new baby I've been brushed to one side . she is a very very deep person and bottles things etc. while i seen my son yesterday in the presence of her mother or childs nan for the house " she " text her mother to tell her.. tell phil i got his text .. which i had sent sunday about seeing my son but in a good way. i,m lost and would love her back but i feel it will never happen as the family have created a circle around her. i,m from a farming background, she is from a council estate but works part time. regards , phil and thanks

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